We are Jack & Jane Van Heyst, and welcome to our little adventure. We would love to learn about you during your stay, but first we will tell you a little about us.

Our Story

We met and fell in love in 1987 while working at a private home and school for people who are mentally and physically disabled. However, Jack had already enlisted in the Army and was bound for training at Ft. Benning, Georgia and then on to Hawaii where he would be stationed at Schofield Barracks. Jane was working on her degree at an extension campus of Penn State. Rather than moving to Main Campus, Jane took a detour to Waikiki, Hawaii. In 1990 when Jack's tour ended we returned to Pennsylvania and began to pursue degrees at Penn State.


In 1997 we found our dream house. We moved with our first daughter, Olivia, to a 1795 stone farm house in desperate need of some renovations and TLC. During renovations in 2000 our first son, Everett, was born. The house was complete, the gardens were mature and we enjoyed our country setting. Life was good and the hard work was behind us. But, we wanted a larger family and that would require a larger house. With the arrival of our second daughter, Avelyn, in 2004 we needed more space. We found that space in Aaronsburg in the form of another 200-year-old house in need of renovations. Our second son, Sullivan, was born in 2008. We now have the big family we wanted and the big house we needed.